First Day at New Job

Today is my first day at this job I’ve been dreamed about.

Something about the company.  It is a small company but what we do are really interesting. The company are providing unique shopping tour  in Paris, France. Our customers are people who love paris, high-fashion and looking for different paris shopping experience.

My job today is look though all the blogs that are relate to what our customer needs. Some key word will be fashion, paris and trends. If you know your blog are relate to what we need, please let me know.

Anyway, good luck everyone on this grumpy Monday.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

I am really big on animal.

Animal never stop surprising me. However, sometimes I just feel a bit sad for animals who live in our zoo. May be because they are always INSIDE!

During the week of visiting my boy friend in Cleveland, Ohio. I visited the local zoo.

Here is some picture I took when they are INSIDE and I am OUTSIDE.

monkey in ohio


Monkey in Ohio


Fabulous Jelly Fish


Little Rainbow INSIDE the water




“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.”
― A.A. MilneWinnie-the-Pooh

The first sketches for the Victoria’s Secret Show 2013




They Victoria’s Secret Show 2013 will include Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge, Candice Swanepoel, Lindsay Ellingson, Karlie Kloss, Doutzen Kroes and Behati Prinsloo. Miranda Kerr will no longer join the group. The Australian model had announced in April 2013, that for personal reasons, to cut her duties at Victoria’s Secret.

Remains to be seen whether the two British models Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn for a second time may on the catwalk after their big debut in 2012. As well as the American model , Hilary Rhoda who trained hard for her first appearance in top form and tweeted from the gym: “You get out what you put in!”

Known for opulent productions the Victoria’s Secret Show will be transmitted by the U.S. television network CBS on Tuesday, December 10, 2013. The show takes place in New York and is accompanied by well-known musical acts. This year the gossips said that…

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Something About Dream

Today, I really want to talk about my dream.

Recently, I have been to many interviews for my up coming co-op. If you not familiar with the word co-op, it’s basically an internship. The college I attend has this wonderful program which allows students to have six-months internship experience. Lucky I got two offers on this past Thursday and today I finally decide where I want to work at. It was a really tough decision and somehow it drove me crazy for the past couple days.

The reason that I bring up this whole finding co-op topic is because this is actually the first time I feel I am so close to my dream. Own a boutique store.

When I was 14 years old, I walked into a boutique store back home. Clothes, Purses, Toys, Jewelries… Everything is just so unique and interesting. I became a loyal customers and 2 months after my tittle changed to co-operator. The more I stayed in my store the more I felt like being at home. I told myself one day I will create and own a boutique store!!!!!!

Today, I’m still carrying this dream with me everywhere. I even feel more passion about it. I am so happy that I never give up on what I love.

May be you also have a dream when you were 14.

Question is: Do you still have that dream?


Dream Bigger, Jump Higher!!!!

Hello World! Common Ça Va?

Hello World!

My name is Angel Zhou. I am a girl original from Shanghai, China. I love traveling and discovering delicious food! France is my favorite country!

This is my first post for my blog and I am super excited. I want to say THANK YOU to my friend Sam because she invited me to this whole blogging thing.

Okay, that’s pretty much for today. Stay dry & Be happy 🙂

 Me and Sammy