Something About Dream

Today, I really want to talk about my dream.

Recently, I have been to many interviews for my up coming co-op. If you not familiar with the word co-op, it’s basically an internship. The college I attend has this wonderful program which allows students to have six-months internship experience. Lucky I got two offers on this past Thursday and today I finally decide where I want to work at. It was a really tough decision and somehow it drove me crazy for the past couple days.

The reason that I bring up this whole finding co-op topic is because this is actually the first time I feel I am so close to my dream. Own a boutique store.

When I was 14 years old, I walked into a boutique store back home. Clothes, Purses, Toys, Jewelries… Everything is just so unique and interesting. I became a loyal customers and 2 months after my tittle changed to co-operator. The more I stayed in my store the more I felt like being at home. I told myself one day I will create and own a boutique store!!!!!!

Today, I’m still carrying this dream with me everywhere. I even feel more passion about it. I am so happy that I never give up on what I love.

May be you also have a dream when you were 14.

Question is: Do you still have that dream?


Dream Bigger, Jump Higher!!!!


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